Excerpt: Anja Beran – For the Benefit of the Horse

Anja Beran: How Modern Dressage has diverged from the dressage from the past. The dressage of Gustav Steinbrecht and Guérinière among others and what that means to our horses.

Excerpt: Anja Beran – For the Benefit of the Horse Excerpt: Anja Beran - For the Benefit of the Horse

What is Different About the Iberian

Balance of the Iberian - The Challenges

What is Different About the Iberian What is Different About the Iberian

Canter – The First Step – The Rider

Creating feel versus a one-size-fits-all package of pattern work within the canter allows for the variances within horses and levels of balance

Canter – The First Step – The Rider Canter - The First Step - The Rider

Karen Rohlf: Not Missing The Forest

Here the goal is to help our horses realize what they can do in their bodies that will enable them to carry us firstly without pain, and secondly so their physical potential is unleashed.

Karen Rohlf: Not Missing The Forest Karen Rohlf: Not Missing The Forest

Archive for June, 2011

Walter Zettl: We Never Tightened the Noseband

Let’s talk about what it was like before there were tight nosebands, before there were crank nosebands, before everybody was riding with a flash.

Kurt Albrecht: Riding with the Double Bridle

“Very few modern riders are taught the old and perfectly correct cavalry way of holding the reins. That is both curb reins in one hand, but the bridoon reins separated. In itself, the present day customary 2:2 division of the reins is not wrong, but riders ought to understand that it imposes perfect stillness of [...]

Scientific Research: How the Position of the Head affects Distribution of the Weight of the Horse

A study studying the effect of the head on the weight of the horse and how he distributes his weight between his front and hind legs. The study clearly relating to the observations and training practices of Baucher and many others. Previously, training practices had observed that the basculing of the hindquarters resulted in the [...]

Bones: From Foal to Full-Grown

Bones: Basic Building Blocks Part I: From Foal to Full-grown Da Vinci’s anatomical drawings stand the test of time in their exactitude. Stubbs did numerous sketches. In order to truly understand the structure – and movement – of both man and animal, they looked beneath the skin. They dissected carcasses (often in secret to avoid [...]

Freedom of Movement ..Truth or Fiction

The churning hooves grip the desert floor as the horse, with mane whipping in the wind, dodges past rocks and vegetation. The breathtaking height as the horse soars over the jump, fulfilling our desire to take flight. The black stallion rearing on the tiptoes of his back hooves as he neighs his challenge to the [...]

Freedom of Expression Through Choices

Lately, I have been ruminating on the word, ‘expression’. It started with an article in Dressage Today by Michael Klimke, son of the late Reiner Klimke, and a trainer and successful competitor in his own right. The article is titled ‘A Horse That Goes On His Own’, but on the cover it is represented as [...]

Range of Movement

It is essential that we – the riders, trainers, and instructors – develop our awareness of what full range of movement is, and use this as our guideline of good riding.

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