Excerpt: Anja Beran – For the Benefit of the Horse

Anja Beran: How Modern Dressage has diverged from the dressage from the past. The dressage of Gustav Steinbrecht and Guérinière among others and what that means to our horses.

Excerpt: Anja Beran – For the Benefit of the Horse Excerpt: Anja Beran - For the Benefit of the Horse

What is Different About the Iberian

Balance of the Iberian - The Challenges

What is Different About the Iberian What is Different About the Iberian

Canter – The First Step – The Rider

Creating feel versus a one-size-fits-all package of pattern work within the canter allows for the variances within horses and levels of balance

Canter – The First Step – The Rider Canter - The First Step - The Rider

Karen Rohlf: Not Missing The Forest

Here the goal is to help our horses realize what they can do in their bodies that will enable them to carry us firstly without pain, and secondly so their physical potential is unleashed.

Karen Rohlf: Not Missing The Forest Karen Rohlf: Not Missing The Forest

Archive for May, 2011

The Curious Imbalance of the Horse’s Mind

When a horse refuses to lunge, it’s usually the case that it won’t lunge to the right. When it spooks, it’s more likely to jump to the right and we all know about that scary plastic bag that is completely harmless when you ride past it in one direction, but it turns into a lion [...]

The Passage of a Living Art

Everything about who and what you are as a horseman is defined in the muscles of loins, in the passage of hooves of this one special horse. Everything about what you know sits there in front of you in gleaming coppery coats and flickering ear tips. And then the sublime art, the passion, the wings of all of who and what you are, is gone.

The Freedom to Err

“The freedom to err” is disappearing. I am not sure if I am sending this post out as a whisper to those who critique, myself included, or to clinicians and instructors and trainers all around the world to try a find a way through this.

Training the Rein on the Lead Rope

“It is often thought that the dressage or the high-school rider – employs some complicated and mysterious system of his own, which no ordinary horseman could hope to understand and which would be useless for ordinary riding purposes at any rate. That, of course, is not so. The principles involved are extrememly simple in themselves [...]

#Quakebook – Together We Stand

Together we can do truly amazing things. Everything we do begins together. We created our world together. We drive on roads that we didn’t make, in cars where we have no clue where the steel came from or even how it is made, looking through glass, that to us is just an wonderous creation that [...]

… I Ride

This is a salute to the personal strength in each woman who loves horses. …I Ride ________________________________________ A Simple Statement. I ride. That seems like such a simple statement. However, as many women who ride know, it is really a complicated matter. It has to do with power and empowerment. Being able to do things [...]

*Leadership, Dominance, Control and Fear

I try to grab onto the thoughts, the words, the concepts, the ideas, the disagreements. More visions. So many different training programs. From classical dressage, French, Portuguese, German, rolkur, long and low, Natural Horsemanship, Horse Whisperer, …. From VOLUME 50 • © HORSES For LIFE™ Magazine Excerpt from the Article: “Leadership, Dominance, Submission, Control and [...]

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